Never Saw You Coming

I found this book as an audio on my library list. I’d not heard of Haley Doyle but a lovely surprise. I believe this is her second novel. I don’t read a lot of rom-com. I pick them up, read a page and put them back, or borrow an audio, listen for ten minutes and give up. This one had me early on. Zara is a hopeless romantic who leaves Dubai to go find the Liverpool man she fell in love with six months ago. But there will be an interruption before she gets there. Jim, hasn’t got much going for him at all, he works in a toll booth and keeps an eye on his mum. When Jim wins a brand new BMW, he thinks finally luck has arrived. Zara and Jim couldn’t live more different lives. When their day collides, everything will change. What did I love about this story? Jim is an exceptionally likeable guy and I found empathy for him immediately. Zara grew on me. But the thing that worked so well was how Haley increased the pressure on these two people. The situation went from bad to worse, to worse, to worse. Loved it. The first 3/4 of the book were the best. But Haley has also managed to give us a different kind of ending. This was a fun read. Great pace. Look forward to Haley Doyle’s next novel. 

The Audio was brilliantly read by Georgia McGuire and Stephen Flecther.

Never Saw You Coming by Haley Doyle

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