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It took a migration across continents, half a century, and everything from dish pig to boutique owner before Charlotte faced her deepest fear of pursuing her enduring passion. The year was 2018 when stopped procrastinating. She completed a course in creative writing and another in short stories with Writer’s Studio in Sydney. Winning a short story competition followed. Having every intention to focus on flash fiction and short stories, Charlotte instead had an idea for a novel. She finished it and shelved it. Then she wrote Agnes Treading Water.

Charlotte writes contemporary domestic drama about everyday people and their conundrums, focusing on character, theme, and plot. She writes to entertain readers who want lighthearted escape with sprinkles of dark.

Charlotte lives on the east coast of Australia with her husband, in the house they’ve built, not far from the beach where they first met. The children have left the nest, and Banjo—the Spanador—has successfully planted his speckled paws inside the door, and attached his exuberant personality to their hearts.

When not writing, Charlotte goes about her daily life pretending not to be thinking about writing and obsessing about anything and everything story. She’s editing her next novel.

Thanks to her late mother’s trust fund, Agnes Andersson is financially secure. She’s insecure about pretty much everything else. Since last week she’s also disillusioned due to a washout trip to Australia and a holiday crush that’s left her heart broken. Returned to Sweden, Agnes is determined to mend it. Despite her best friend’s protests, she agrees to an impromptu wedding, settling for the man she’s dated on and off for years.

At least he’s honest. 

However, when his hostile daughter spills a few beans about her father, it’s clear Agnes doesn’t know her groom as well as she thinks. More importantly, does she know herself? In a few scant hours, can Agnes get to the bottom of his lies and her truth before she takes the proverbial plunge?

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