Random Facts About Me

* I’ve always thought of myself as a jack of all trades and a late bloomer.

* My only two sweet-tooth addictions are 90% dark chocolate and salt liquorice.

* I suffer from mild koumpounophobia and severe arachnophobia. (Should have stayed in Sweden)

* I love laying in the sand on the beach; I detest sand in the house.

* I wear thick socks inside all year around as a buffer against sandy floors and in case a spider comes running.

* My favourite time of the day is around 4am when I get to write in peace and quiet.

* I only take my earphones out when I absolutely must talk to another human being.

* In 2009 I sold 100 handmade koalas to Abercrombie & Fitch. Have not touched the sewing machine since.

* As a child I read Konrad Lorenz and wanted to be a dog psychologist.

* I’m not a pantser, never was, never will be. The story still surprises me.

* I’m happily married to the surf dude I went looking for in the 80’s. And he’s a great artist

* Our three children left the nest ages ago and we play house all by ourselves now. 

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