charlotte french

For the Love of Writing


Charlotte French grew up in Sweden but ventured to the land of OZ in the early 80’s where she met this surfer dude who was rather keen on her. How they ended up together is another story but here they are decades later, living on the north coast in a house they’ve built and fulfilling their creative dreams. The three children are adults and able to look after themselves and at the moment there’s not even a dog in the family so apart from interruptions such as part-time work in a local boutique, random house chores, and regular encounters with a cross-trainer, Charlotte has time to explore and develop the craft of writing. When she doesn’t write, she thinks about it—a lot, reads about it or listens to podcasts on the subject. Unless of course she’s reading fiction armed with a highlighter in one hand and a pen in the other.

Charlotte is in the final edits of her second novel—the first is on the shelf for now, literally and figuratively—and she’s started on a third.