I grew up in Sweden but braved the creepy crawlies of OZ in early 80’s to visit my sister. And that’s when I met this surfer dude who was rather keen on me. to cut a long and winding and pretty cool story short. Here I am decades later, living on the north coast of Australia with that same guy—who still surfs. Our three children are adults and look after themselves. We get to play house all by ourselves now which means very little housework and lots of writing for me. When I don’t write I think about writing, read about writing, or listen to podcasts about writing. I read fiction too of course and watch films. I’m passionate about anything story.

I’m editing my second novel—working title ‘Adeline Treading Water’ and plan to see it published in 2022. I’m also writing my third novel—working title ‘The Fall & Rise of Jasper Scragg. And what about my first one you wonder. It’s been shelved—for good.