charlotte french

reader & writer of women's fiction


Welcome to my cyber home or as I’d like to call it Charlotte’s web. If you’ve come to visit on purpose I’m guessing you’re a reader, a writer or both. If you just happened to land here and is neither of these then I wish you well on your continued search. I, myself, have been reading for a long time but only took up writing seriously in 2018. I write flash fiction, short stories and is now working on my second novel while my first is hibernating waiting for revision. You can read more about me here and you can learn about women’s fiction here.

I’m hoping to meet both readers and writers that enjoy my genre, women’s fiction—a bit of mystery, a little romance, sometimes funny, sometimes serious but always an internal growth in character. If you want to be notified when I’ve added something new to my humble blog, sign up by following the link below.