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“What a beautifully written story! With rain-filled Swedish canals, sun-kissed Aussie beaches, a larger-than-life best friend and unexpected twists and turns, Agnes Treading Water will keep you hooked until the end.”

Agnes Treading Water

“Charlotte French’s debut novel is a page turner. A main character you immediately root for, a plot with unexpected twists and turns, and finally a fist-pumping, heart-warming and realistic conclusion that leaves you sad that it’s over, but cheering for Agnes.”

A thoroughly entertaining read and one that does not disappoint right to the end. And such a great end – no spoilers. A sensational debut from the Indie author, Charlotte French. Very much recommend

“I’d give this book higher than five stars if I could. If you like any novel written my Fredrik Backman, you’ll love Agnes Treading Water. I’m especially excited that Charlotte French is an independent author, and has produced such high quality work. I highly recommend!”

“It was so good and heart-warming to watch Agnes’s transformation throughout the story from the vulnerable and self-doubting young woman almost hiding away from life, to the much stronger, grounded and determined woman we see at the end.”

Are you drawn to stories about every day people, who must face dragons of a figurative kind, who must grow and change, give up on their stubborn misbeliefs, and find the courage to become who they’re meant to be? Do you believe stories connects us to each other, to ourselves, and what it means to be human? If this is you, I think we might be on the same page—pun intended.

Hello and welcome to my cyber nook. I’m Charlotte—an enthusiastic indie author, an intense Swede among laid-back Aussies, sand, salt, and the usual insects.

I live with hubby and dog on the east coast of this great continent, right by the Pacific ocean. I spend most of my time writing, creating characters with flaws and fears before throwing them in the deep end. 

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