Charlotte French


Contemporary Drama with a Few Twists, a Little humour, and a Smidgen Sex

For the Love of Story


Charlotte grew up in Sweden. She spent her youth floundering and traveling until she landed in Australia. Marriage, motherhood, and other mayhem followed. Though writing and the love of words were always part of her life, and she dreamed of one day writing a book, she kept sidetracking with other entrepreneurial ventures. After her mum passed, Charlotte knew, she couldn’t put it off any longer. 2018 began with two courses by the Writer’s Studio in Sydney, followed by workshops, writer’s events, and gluttonous devouring of books on writing (easily a one meter high stack). The year culminated in winning The Port Writer’s Literary Comp. Despite every intention to focus on flash fiction, short stories, and more competitions Charlotte began writing her first novel. She finished it, then shelved it, and wrote Treading Water. Charlotte’s now editing her third novel The Fall & Rise of Jasper Scragg. When not writing, she goes about her day pretending not to be thinking about writing and obsessing about anything story.  Read More…


Are you drawn to stories about every day people? Are you as interested in the internal need of the protagonist as much as their external want, character development as much as plot? Do you fancy a bit of romance? What about sex scenes? After all, it’s a natural part of life. Do you like a twist? True, who doesn’t! And why do you read? Is it an escape from a world gone nuts, family in general, or is it a procrastination device? Do you believe stories connects us to each other, to ourselves and what it means to be human? If you answer yes, to any or all of these I think we shall get along just fine.

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