Charlotte French

contemporary women’s fiction

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Hello and welcome to my cyber nook. I’m Charlotte, an enthusiastic indie author, an intense Swede among laid-back Aussies, sand, salt, and the usual insects. I live with hubby and dog a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean where I spend most of my time writing, creating characters with flaws and fears before I throw them in the deep end. You can find out a bit more about me HERE. And if you’d like to get a feel for my writing voice and style—check out your FREE E-book HERE

Are you drawn to stories about every day people, who must face dragons of a figurative kind, who must grow and change, give up on their stubborn misbeliefs, and find the courage to become who they’re meant to be? Do you believe stories connects us to each other, to ourselves, and what it means to be human? If this is you, I think we might be on the same page—pun intended. 

See if you like how I write and meet some of my characters

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