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Banjo Brain

If you’ve been to my place, you may have seen my walk-in wardrobe—though I usually rush to close it, if visitors show up.

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Where the Crawdads Sing

I came late to, Where the Crawdads Sing. I picked it up in the bookshop a few times, and had a look inside on amazon, but the beginning never grabbed me. In the end—knowing I needed to discover the big rave—I decided to try the audio version.

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Should We Stay or Should We Go

When nurse, Kay Wilkinson’s father, after a decade of dementia and need of high care, finally passes away, Kay’s husband Cyril, a GP, suggests maybe they should spare themselves the same fate.

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Machines Like Me

This is the first novel that I’ve read of Ian McEwan but it won’t be my last. Mr McEwan is a critically acclaimed author of 17 books. He’s a clever, clever writer, a skilful crafts man of the written word. I’m in awe.

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The Coughing Fit

This is another assignment from first course at the Writer’s Studio. Our task was quite specific. We had to draw the reader outside after an initial description inside, and the story was to end with a coughing fit.

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A Farewell

A short piece I wrote during a course with the Writer’s Studio. We had a strict word count and prompts to follow. I remember with this one, we had to use a song in it. Saying goodbye to a child at the airport is not easy.

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