Other Women

This was my very first Cathy Kelly novel, and having heard so much about her, I assumed and certainly wanted to love ‘Other Women’. This tale is three stories that weave together. Marin is happily married, or at least married, with two children. She works full time, is at her husband’s beck and call, and use shopping as her release. Bea is part of the same group of friends, single mother after losing her husband ten years ago, in an accident. Sid begins a friendship with Finn—she doesn’t do boyfriends for a reason—who happens to be part of Marin’s and Bea’s group of friends, and that’s how they all meet. It took a little while to get to know all the different characters but that wasn’t a huge problem. I didn’t mind the characters though no one stood out either, except super nice Finn. But I found certain aspects cliché and tired. The three women take turns with POV chapters which are all in first person present tense. This actually bothered me. Sadly there were problems, as in many places past tense showed up. I found this jarring. I’ve heard editors are overworked so maybe that’s the explanation. Finally without giving out any spoilers, I felt that Bea got away too easily with her deed. It’s an easy warm hearted read. Though this was a disappointment to me, I will absolutely read Cathy Kelly again. 

Other Women by Cathy Kelly

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