What Alice Forgot

Alice wakes up on the floor of a gym surrounded by perfect strangers looking at her. She believes it’s 1998, that she’s happily married to Nick, renovating their first house, and expecting their first baby. But Alice has hit her head during a step class and lost her memory. It is in fact 2008. She’s a mother of three, separated from Nick planning to divorce, and at the end of the week she’ll host a major event for Guinness book of records. Alice is thrown into a life she knows nothing about. How do you look after three children? Why is she dating the principal? Why does Nick hate her? Why does her neighbour hate her? Who was Gina? Why doesn’t her sister talk to her anymore? There are so many questions and it’s going to be an interesting week.
It’s the second time I read, “What Alice Forgot”—one of my absolute favourite of Moriarty’s novels. It’s a clever set up. All the characters are believable. Liane has a knack for creating stories that move you from laughter to tears. In the midst of wit and fun, she drops tragedy. Into tragedy she bleeds hope and humour. She has a sharp eye for all that is human. Lian Moriarty gets suffering as well as all the quirky. I love her books. This one is delightful.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

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