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Treading Water

A story about love, lies, and a lost suitcase.   During a crushing holiday in Australia and her muddled wedding day in Sweden—two journeys that interlock and eventually collide—Adeline must tack her way through stormy waters of foes and friends,

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The Woman in the Window

Anna an alcoholic child psychologist, stuck in her house with agoraphobia, watches neighbours through her windows. One evening she becomes a witness to a crime.

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What Alice Forgot

After hitting her head, Alice believes it’s 1998, that she’s happily married to Nick and expecting their first baby. But it’s 2008, she’s separated from Nick and a mother of three.

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

At thirty, Eleanor Oliphant lives a quiet and scheduled life, works in the back of an office, and prefers weekdays with colleagues that only tolerate her to the lonely weekends.

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Rachel’s Holiday

Rachel is not a drug addict. She’s got a thing for recreational fun is all. But when her family come all the way from Ireland to New York to intervene, she’s forced to go to rehab.

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Women’s Fiction

If my WIP, had already been published and found its way into my local bookshop, you’d find it in the section called General Fiction.

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