The Good Sister

Fern life is all about routine. She works in a library, avoids loud noises, crowds, and bright lights. And she says it how she sees it. Fern isn’t interested in men, and knows she can never be a mum because she can’t be trusted. Something went terribly wrong when she was a young girl. Thankfully she has Rose her older sister to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s okay. Rose is married and would love to have children but is unable, so Fern comes up with the idea that she could have a baby for her sister. She will of course need to find a man. Then one day in the library Fern meets a man that looks like Wally, in Where’s Wally.

Fern’s life will turn upside down. The past will come to surface, and her baby plans for Rose will change everyone’s life. 

Right at the beginning, I believed this to be Rose’s story, but soon realised it’s Fern’s. And  Fern—with her quirky honesty—won my empathic heart within a few pages. You realise pretty quick that there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The connection between ‘Wally’ and Fern is delightful. I laughed often. But there’s also darkness, mystery, and twists. I was drawn in with all my emotions, and thoroughly enjoyed this domestic suspense. Thank you Sally Hepworth, for a story well told. I digested this through audio. The excellent narrator was Australian Casey Withoos. 

The Good Sister – Sally Hepworth

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