Agnes Treading Water


“Loved it. Couldn’t put it down.”

“Your plot … wow, so original and fascinating. You certainly kept my attention throughout. Many, many congratulations on your debut.” 

Charlotte French’s debut novel is a page turner in every sense. A main character you immediately care about and root for, a plot with some unexpected twists and turns that just keep coming, and finally a satisfying, fist-pumping, heart-warming and realistic conclusion that leaves you sad that it’s over, but cheering for Agnes”.

A transformative, compelling and heart-warming tale … A most enjoyable debut novel and a new author for me to follow.

Love is blind. Lies come easy. Secrets can sink a wedding.

Thanks to her late mother’s trust fund, Agnes Andersson is financially secure. She’s insecure about pretty much everything else. Since last week she’s also disillusioned due to a washout trip to Australia and a holiday crush that’s left her heart broken. Returned to Sweden, Agnes is determined to mend it. Despite her best friend’s protests, she agrees to an impromptu wedding, settling for the man she’s dated on and off for years.

At least he’s honest. 

However, when his hostile daughter spills a few beans about her father, it’s clear Agnes doesn’t know her groom as well as she thinks. More importantly, does she know herself? In a few scant hours, can Agnes get to the bottom of his lies and her truth before she takes the proverbial plunge?

A story about falling in love, facing your fears, and finding your cold feet.

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