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My cyber corner

Hi there,
So pleased you found my place. It may well be that you wandered off and this is not at all what you were looking for. In that case I wish you all the best on your quest. If you came to visit on purpose or happened to land here and this is what you’re looking for then my guess is that you are a reader or a writer or both. Welcome friend.
I’ve been reading for a really long time but I’m a newbie at writing. I write flash, shorts and just finished my first novel which may or may not get published.

I’m here,
Because I want a cyber place of my own where I can connect with readers and writers. I want to make friends with other writers that write in my genre, in particular indie or hybrid authors. That’s the kind of publishing I’m looking into to.
And I’d like to meet readers that may like my style of writing. We could share good books we’ve read and who knows one day you may want to buy my book. Oh, and in case you didn’t follow the link above. I write Women’s Fiction.

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