The Dutch House

Ann Patchett is a master of weaving. She moves without effort between scenes from Danny’s and Maeve’s childhood, youth, and middle age, back and forth, slowly revealing their tragedies and victories. The story of the siblings and the people in their lives, is served in a delicious convolution, I loved it. It’s the third book of hers, for me. Ann pulls me in every time with flesh and blood characters. And flawed. And complicated. For me, this book is about loss, injustice, resentment, reconciliation, and so much more.
The House that gives its name to the title plays a clever and poignant role, tying the characters to each other. I adore The Dutch House. The other books I’ve read of Ann Patchett’s are: Run – Brilliant! State of Wonder – Took me a while to get into but a book of wonder! Commonwealth – I’ve read it twice. Reminded me of my childhood and what it’s like when your parents divorce. Truth & Beauty – a memoir of one of her best friends, powerful. This is a Story of a Happy Marriage – Essays and I loved it. I’m reading her latest collection of essays – These Precious Days. And loving this one too.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett


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